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Laekna Therapeutics hosted on-site investigation by Shanghai Municipal Government


December 13, 2018 - On the occasion of Sino-US dual IND application of 2nd anticancer product, Laekna Therapeutics Shanghai Co., Ltd. was fortunate to host the on-site investigation by Shanghai Municipal governments. ZHAO Ying, deputy secretary of Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Regulation, ZHANG Qing, director of the Drug Registration Division of Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration, YE Baofa, director of Drug Supervision Division of Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration and three other officials visited us.

Dr. Lu Xiangyang, CEO of Laekna, introduced Laekna’s vision & mission, as well as the development progress of innovative drugs. Ms. ZHAO Ying, Ms. ZHANG Qing and Mr. YE Baofa gave a warm and deep communication upon the issues encountered by Laekna. This ­­­precious opportunity gave Laekna great encouragement and support. Before leaving, Ms. ZHAO Ying encouraged Laekna to speed up the research and development of innovative drug for the unmet medical needs.

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