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Laekna launched the new domain name


Shanghai, China and New Jersey, U.S., Jan 28th, 2022 — Laekna Group (Laekna Inc and all its direct or indirect subsidiaries, including Laekna Therapeutics Shanghai Co., Ltd.), an emerging innovative biotech based in China’s “Zhangjiang Pharma Valley” and New Jersey in the U.S. and focused on developing new groundbreaking innovative therapies to treat cancer and liver diseases, today announced the official launch of the new domain name 


The new domain name is shorter and more concise, with stronger brand recognition, and will provide better experience for investors, partners, and internal and external audiences.
Dr. Chris LU, Chairman and CEO of Laekna, said that Laekna is originated from old Norse, meaning “to cure, to heal”. This domain name upgrade reflects Laekna’s continuous advancement towards the vision of "Cure for a Better Future", starting the next journey with a more international and open image.


To External Audience
--When you click on the old domain name, it will automatically navigate to the new domain name
--Laekna’s business email addresses has been updated to ***, while the old mailbox suffix still works.

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